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Flint Central's 55th Reunion (2018)

Reunion Brief recapture from Co-Chairs of Reunion Committee, Diane Sperry-Bertich and Mike Larson:

Thursday, Sandy VanConnett-Paraschos, Libby Hubbard-Schooley, Sharon Bailey-Clayton, Jon Skinner, and Vagios Young toured the Curwood Castle in Owosso, MI. Vagios was especially anxious to go as he had lived in Owosso and attended kindergarten there.

Curwood Castle, Owosso, MICurwood's Castle is truly a little gem. James Oliver Curwood was a writer of adventure stories and novels during the early 1900's until his death in 1927. His tales of adventure and wilderness took him to northern Michigan, Minnesota Boundary Waters, Canada and Northwest Territories. Most of his novels depicted the lives and daring adventures of trappers, native Indian guides, Canadian Mounties and woodsmen. A popular author, many of his stories were made into movies. The castle was completed in 1924, a sturdy replica of a Norman castle situated peacefully next to the Shiawassee River among other elegant and historic homes in Owosso. The castle is not very large, but uniquely designed. The main room is spacious with several windows for light and cooling air. Curwood used the castle for entertaining and for a writing studio. It remains as a museum with his many books, photographs and movies. We had a great time, especially with Vagios' description of his early years in Owosso and Jon, 'talking' to the Curwood's statue. Always fun with our class mates!

The photo in the gallery with Vagios was taken in the coney island in Owosso that is owned by Vagios' cousins. Behind Vagios is the original photo of his dad and mom at their restaurant in Flint. The first restaurant was called Angelo's also until there was some confusion as to which Angelo's it was so they renamed it DeAngelo's. The Owosso diner is a neat place. Sorry we missed eating there. If you're close by, stop in at Newport Coney Island, E. M-21, Owosso.

Friday, the "Meet and Greet" at Brick Street was so heart warming, well attended and had 4 big roaming groups with lots of talk and laughter. I must have heard, "Oh My God!" hundreds of times as classmates wandered the bar and gathering area. Cocktails and clamor were running with energy and lots of memories were brought up, questioned, denied, disputed - we heard it all! Saturday was well attended and the Beal and Vagios Celebration carried on til . . . I don't really remember. The Holiday Inn Atrium tables were filled with classmates, spouses and friends most of the afternoon through night time. The sharing was really the "gift" of the event. At first, I wondered how we'd fill the time, but it sailed on in calm and grateful flows. The tribute to classmates passed was passionate and tears were shed. We talked about the influence our years in (all) school(s) continue to affect who we are to this very day. It was a 'feel good' day - tiring, but good for the heart!

Sunday Breakfast at the Hill Street Grill was also great! So many of the Friday and Saturday attendees showed up for food, laughter and serious "verbal" jabs, pokes and comebacks. The weather that Sunday was gorgeous. A perfect ending to cherished, irreplaceable and treasured memories. Lucky, thankful INDIANS.