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70th Birthday Party (2015)

Flint Central Class of 1963’s 70th Birthday Party and Mini Reunion. Click on the various boxes below to view the photos and videos of the event.

Golf Outing by Gary Greis

The 2015 CHS Reunion started about 1pm on Friday, September 11th with 5 groups teeing off at Southmoor Golf Club on Dort Hwy.

  1. The first group consisted of Bruce Monroe, Rick Beal, Rich Pope, Dick McClimans and Rick Richards.
  2. The second group was the ladies: Libby (Hubbard) Schooley, Sandy (VanConnett) Paraschos, Merrily (Watters) Henstra, Cheryl (Link) Grave and Rosalie Casner.
  3. The third group was the “Newlywed” group. Steve & Diane (Sperry) Bertich and Tim & Dee (Dixon) Spohn.
  4. The fourth group was Ed Bottrell, Dan Geeting, Tony Perez, Phil Cole and Gary Latimore (Martha Parker’s husband).
  5. And, the fifth group was Joe Eufinger, Mike Larson, Steve Casner and Gary Greis.

The tee box was a raucous affair not similar to the usual quiet expected at most golf outings. Your grad friends were enjoying commenting on anything and everything as the groups started their rounds. Out on the course there were even more interactions between golfers and spectators. The ladies had so much fun they only played 9 holes before retiring to join the group in the bar! By the time everyone was done (nearly 7pm) the drinks and food were flowing as well as endless conversations by all.

Diane (Sperry) Bertich and Dee (Dixon) Spohn handed out some gag prizes to start. To start the award segment the group shared a round of applause. We recognized the 9/11 tragedy of 14 years ago today. Two “Get Well” cards were passed around and signed to be mailed later to Butch Clawson regarding his recent heart valve surgery. Best wishes Butch. And, Roger Sutherland is having liver problems and needs our prayers also. May GOD bless them both.

Then the prizes were awarded based on the following results - There was a tiebreaker since two teams finished (-8) for the day.

  • Winning Team: Bruce Monroe, Rick Beal, Rich Pope, Dick McClimans and Rick Richards. (Second Place: Ed Bottrell, Dan Geeting, Tony Perez, Phil Cole and Gary Latimore). Prizes were Augusta National Masters golf hats.
  • Closest to the Pin-Men: Phil Cole.
  • Closest to the Pin-Women: Sandy (VanConnett) Paraschos. (“Hope” Pink golf balls).
  • Longest Drive-Men: Gary Greis.
  • Longest Drive-Women: Libby (Hubbard) Schooley. (“Hope” Pink golf balls).
  • Person Who Came the Farthest for this Reunion: Merrily (Watters) Henstra. (Lake Isabella, CA).
  • Most Intriguing Golf Attire: Rick Beal. (Some of the gaudiest pants ever seen in public!)
  • Person Responsible for the Golf outing “Highlight of the Day”: Rich Pope. (Holed out from the fairway for eagle!)

The evening gave way to many, many more conversations and fun among the 1963 Flint Central Alumni. For those of you who couldn’t attend keep in touch and watch the website as the energy will certainly grow over the next few years for another occasion/reunion. Gary Greis.